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Of course, you can decide how you want your subscription. We have 3 subscription forms. Each of these subscriptions include the use of our facilities.


149 ANG Per month
Per month   149 ANG  
Per 3 months   402 ANG  
Per 6 months   715 ANG  
1 year   1250 ANG  
One -Time registration fee   50 ANG  
Kids Monthly Fee*   65 ANG  
* For all kids classes available  


25 ANG Per person
Day pass   25 ANG  
Week pass   75 ANG  
Two week pass   125 ANG  
Multiple pass


(strippekaart 10x – valid for 3 months)
  185 ANG  
Tourist Monthly fee    165 ANG   

Steam Room Pass


15.90 ANG



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